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Below are all PG&E Corporation news releases and select releases from, Pacific Gas and Electric Company and PG&E National Energy Group. For additional releases from either company, please visit www.pge.com Link will spawn new window or www.neg.pge.com Link will spawn new window.

News releases are archived on this website for historical purposes. Information is accurate at the time of release.

The PG&E National Energy Group is not the same company as Pacific Gas and Electric Company, the utility, and is not regulated by the California Public Utilities Commission. Customers of Pacific Gas and Electric Company do not have to buy products or services from the National Energy Group in order to continue to receive quality regulated services from Pacific Gas and Electric Company.

December 18, 2003

CPUC Approves PG&E’s Settlement Agreement... more

December 04, 2003 PG&E Urges CPUC To Adopt Proposed Settlement Agreement... more
December 03, 2003 PG&E Prepared To Resume Critical Roles With Chapter 11 Exit... more
December 02, 2003 Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s Chief Executive Officer Urges CPUC To Adopt Settlement Agreement Without Making Changes... more
November 26, 2003 Webcast Alert: PG&E Corporation’s Robert D. Glynn, Jr. To Provide Update On Chapter 11 Progress... more
November 19, 2003 Chapter 11 Update: PG&E Issues Statement On Ninth Circuit Decision On Express Preemption... more
November 19, 2003 Chapter 11 Update: PG&E Issues Statement On Proposed Decisions Regarding Utility's Chapter 11 Exit... more
November 14, 2003 PG&E Corp. Honored With A 2003 National Freedom Award In Washington, D.C. ... more
November 13, 2003 Webcast Alert: PG&E Corporation's Peter Darbee To Speak At The Bank of America Securities Energy and Power Conference... more
November 12, 2003 PG&E Corp. Reports Third Quarter Financial Results... more
November 07, 2003 Webcast Alert: PG&E Corporation To Announce Third Quarter 2003 Earnings... more
October 28, 2003 PG&E Corporation On Clear Path to Stability... more
October 24, 2003 Chapter 11 Update: PG&E To Register To Sell Debt In Connection With Proposed Plan To Exit Chapter 11... more
October 22, 2003 Thomas B. King Named Senior Vice President and Chief Of Utility Operations... more
October 22, 2003 Webcast Alert: PG&E Corporation's Robert D. Glynn, Jr. To Speak At The EEI Financial Conference... more
October 8, 2003 Chapter 11 Update: 97% Of Voting Creditors and All of the Voting Classes Approve PG&E’s Reorganization Plan... more
September 29, 2003 Evidentiary Hearings On Proposed Settlement Conclude In Pacific Gas And Electric Company’s Chapter 11 Case ... more
September 17, 2003 PG&E Corp. Sees Improving Financial Performance ... more
September 11, 2003 Webcast Alert: PG&E Corporation’s Robert D. Glynn, Jr. to Speak at the Merrill Lynch Power & Gas Leaders Conference ... more
September 3, 2003 PG&E Corp. Chairman Says Company Is On A Clear Path To Increased Financial Performance ... more
August 27, 2003 Webcast Alert: PG&E Corporation's Robert D. Glynn, Jr. to Speak at the Lehman Brothers CEO Energy and Power Conference ... more
August 21, 2003 PG&E Corporation Selected For 2003 National Freedom Award ... more
August 19, 2003 PG&E Corp. Releases Second Quarter Financial Results; Reaffirms 2003 Earnings Guidance ... more
August 13, 2003 Media Advisory: PG&E Corporation 2003 Second Quarter Earnings Call ... more
August 13, 2003 PG&E Corp. Schedules Release of Second Quarter Financial Results ... more
July 22, 2003 Pacific Gas And Electric Company Receives Court Appproval To Pay $281 Million Mortgage Bond Maturity ... more
July 08, 2003 PG&E Corporation Reports Chapter 11 Filing of PG&E National Energy Group Units ... more
July 02, 2003 PG&E Corporation Closes Private Placement of Senior Secured Notes ... more
June 30, 2003 PG&E Corporation Completes Filings: No Change to Net Income... more
June 27, 2003 PG&E NEG Reclassification: No Change In 2002 Net Income ... more
June 25, 2003 Fortune Magazine Ranks PG&E Corporation Among Top 50 Companies Nationwide For Minorities ... more
June 19, 2003 Proposed Settlement Agreement of Pacific Gas and Electric Company's Chapter 11 Proceeding ... more
May 13, 2003 PG&E Corporation Reports First Quarter Financial Results ... more
April 14, 2003 PG&E Corporation Named Among Top 50 U.S. Employers By Latina Style Magazine ... more
March 13, 2003 PG&E Corp. Chairman Says Company Is Moving Forward, Building Financially Strong, Viable Enterprises ... more
February 27, 2003 PG&E Corporation Reports 2002 Financial Results... more
February 25, 2003 Lawrence R. McDonnell, Retired PG&E Officer, Dies... more
January 17, 2003 Lenders Provide Funding For PG&E National Energy Group's Construction Projects Through Completion... more
January 10, 2003 PG&E Corporation Files Second Round of Comments In Support of The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission's Proposed Standard Electricity Market Design... more
News Releases may contain statements that are forward - looking.


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